Someone Still Cares About Quality

Sleep Info

When To Buy

You may want to invest in an BIA mattress if...

You don’t sleep well:
You are sleep deprived:
You feel tired in the morning
You suffer from lack of energy
You experience back and muscle aches
You and/or your partner feel confined
Your mattress or foundation is insufficient:
Your mattress is lumpy and/or uneven
Your mattress and/or its edges are sagging
Your foundation appears to be uneven and/or sagging
Your mattress cover is ripped, stained, and/or dirty

Remember that higher quality mattresses may cost more money. However, it's important to note that the mattress picks the individual. In other words, with the hundreds of different mattress choices out there, you should invest in a sleep system that complements your taste and style, giving you the best possible value and sleep experience – regardless of price. You deserve it!

Speaking of the best value, at BIA we continually incorporate innovative sleep technology into our competitively priced mattresses. We focus more on our craft and customer service than we do our commercial advertising. So, we're able to provide you the highest quality product at the best prices.

Saying Goodbye to a mattress
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